WebHoster staff are online 24/7/365 so you don’t have to be.  WebHoster staff will solve your customer’s technical and account questions, representing your company as your online support team..

Traditional Email Support

Your company’s support email box will be monitored and responses created to support, account or billing questions emailed.   You are copied on all responses and tickets created to track on going trouble shooting

24X7 Live Chat

Our support technicians are on the phone every hour of every day of the year to ensure your customers get an immediate response from a human who can work through their issue on live chat. Chats are captured for records and the consultants are aware that the customer is yours and that they represent your brand and services.   Specific scripts and instructions can be supplied for supporting your customers.

Business Hours Call Center

If your customers prefer to speak on the phone with a customer support representative, WebHoster will work to solve your customer's technical issues on behalf of your team. With secure access to your clients details and strict protocols around authenticating the caller, they are also able to handle billing and account enquiries.

Support Tickets

The most effective method of assisting customers with technical issues and solving problems are support tickets.   WebHoster staff monitor your customers support tickets 24/7 and with an average response time of less than 5 minutes, ensure that their problems are not only promptly addressed but tracked to resolution.

Social Media

For assistance with enquiries received via social media, such as facebook and twitter, WebHoster's support team can also be engaged to monitor these channels and respond to any sales or support queries raised via this avenue.